Portland homeless can now camp in cars in church lots

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    Posted: 2:00 AM December 23, 2011

    PORTLAND — Homeless people in Portland will be allowed to camp in their cars in the parking lots of religious and nonprofit organizations under a test program approved Wednesday by the City Council.

    The council voted for a one-year test of the idea, which is much like a car camping program in Eugene, The Oregonian reported.

    Organizations could allow up to four cars, RVs or trailers, but not tents, provided they also follow several other rules.

    Those include: displaying signs that tell neighbors they gave permission to the campers to sleep overnight; ensuring access to toilets and garbage pickup; and disallowing hookups to electricity, water and sewer service.

    Portland Commissioner Nick Fish spearheaded the idea after getting a cool reception to it two years ago.

    "I had a hard time getting any traction," he said. "The response was 'not now.'"

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