Portia of Egypt: Literacy/Media/Commerce

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    Imagine the following Egyptian vignette about a literacy-conscious Jewish-Egyptian revolutionary woman named 'Portia' (name allegory to Shakespearean character) whom current U.S. First Lady Melania Trump (a 'diplomat' of commerce-culture arguably) is presenting as a 'networking-Cassandra muse.'

    This vignette was inspired by the films Exodus: Gods and Kings and The Fisher King.

    It's fascinating how the Internet (and media in general!) has affected our socialism-oriented perspective on literacy in civilization...

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    Portia was a wise Jewish girl living in Egypt and friends with the children of the associates of Moses who was destined to lead the Jews out of the tyranny of the Pharaohs of Egypt! Portia liked to doodle a lot and would sketch child-like stick-figure silhouette-traces of Isis and Nefertiti on very thin paper made in the Eygptian courts and scroll-houses. You see, Portia believed in literacy as the greatest human virtue and thought about drawings/doodles as 're-presentations' of human wit and intelligibility (or communication). The Pharaoh was pleased with Portia's sense of wonder and gifted her with many sheets of papyrus with Egyptian hieroglyph-calligraphy posted on them!

    Portia grew to be a very beautiful young Jewish-Egyptian woman. She still regarded literacy as the primary 'virtue' of civilization and would carefully take note of all literacy-relevant and related policies/protocols enacted by the court of the Egyptian Pharaoh. Portia was now being courted by the nephew of the Pharaoh the young handsome Prince Abdu. Abdu wanted to marry Portia and make her his special Egyptian consultant to literacy-programs throughout Egypt (under the Pharaoh's watchful eye and patronage). This thrilling civil responsibility is what drew Portia to Abdu (mostly).

    Portia was now the literacy-consultant for all of Egypt, and when Moses demanded that Pharaoh release all the Jews and allow them to flee into their own land, a land promised to them by their own 'special God,' Portia wondered if she should flee with Moses' Jews. In the end, Portia decided she belonged in Egypt with Pharaoh (and Abdu) and remained there to oversee all literacy-programs under the Pharaoh's rule. When locusts and swarms struck Egypt after the exodus of Moses' Jews, Portia was there to provide optimism to surviving Egyptians still meditating on the 'commercial value' of literacy. Portia would be remembered as 'the first Mother Goose.'



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