polls and what they say or what can you make them say

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    The problem with polls is the questions that are asked sometimes have two answers that can make it seem like those who answered are on the same page.

    And when you ask a question which can be answered in two, three or four different ways it makes the polls even less viable as far as meaning anything.

    Take a question like is Obama doing a good job and you ask this question to both sides of the political process you may well get a 60/70% not really. Yet the reason they answer this way are 100% opposite of each other.
    Republicans don't think he is doing good based on he is not doing what they want, which is help the business side enough and cutting cost even though they may be against many of the things being cut that would need to be cut to make a difference.
    Then the other side (Obama's people) may say he is not doing a good job because he isn't doing enough to help their point of view.

    #1 are we doing enough to cut the deficiet?

    #2 Would you cut the entitlement programs as a way to balance the budget?

    #1 Are we doing enough as a country in putting people back to work which would/may cut the deficit?

    #2 Cutting the deficit may mean that we may need to raise taxes along with changes in the entitlement programs, would you be Ok with this?

    #3 Would you like to see the taxes of the rich(over 250,000) go down from where they are now as a way to stimulate the economy

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