Poll, Obama helps the middle class, Romney helps the rich

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    WASHINGTON -- Who would be better off over the next four years under President Barack Obama or a President Mitt Romney?

    In a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, Americans express definite perceptions about who would thrive under which administration, providing a portrait of each contender's public opinion. That question and others in the survey map the political landscape as the campaign heads into its final five weeks.

    It is an electorate that is less engaged, less enthusiastic and less favorably inclined toward the candidates than at this point in recent presidential campaigns.

    It is also an electorate that confidently predicts the groups that will be winners and losers, depending on who prevails Nov. 6.

    • The rich? By an overwhelming 55 percentage points, those surveyed say upper-income Americans would fare better if Republican challenger Romney wins.

    • The poor? By 36 points, they say low-income people would do better under Obama.

    And by 10 points, middle-income Americans are seen as doing better over the next four years if Obama wins a second term.

    Poll: Middle class would prosper under Obama; rich would benefit under Romney | Nation/World | Detroit Free Press | freep.com

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