Politics and Guns, a real life perspective

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Spoonman, Jan 19, 2013.

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    Something for you all to think about.

    I have been shooting guns for sport for years. About 45 of them. And yes, that even includes these deadly so called assault style weapons. I couldn't even put a number on the thousands of rounds I have fired. Over 100,000 for sure. One at a time, in large capacity magazines. Well for 45 years I did this as a respectable proud American citizen, with in the laws of my country, enjoying my constitutional rights. Rights that were intended when this country was founded.

    Well today, something changed. For the first time, when i did what I have been doing almost every weekend for decades, today, i did it as a criminal, a law breaker, one of the bad guys. And all that changed because of a stroke of a politicians pen.

    What a sad state our country is in when a legal, harmless activity can become a crime because a politician feels they have the right to pass legislation impacting our constitutional rights.

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