Political theatre of Saakashvili

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    A few weeks ago I was going to give you a link to a document, which was published by an undeservingly fired member of the Georgian president’s administration, but of course the Georgian authorities did their best to delete the whole information from the web. So I can only to retell the content of that document. It’s worth to know.
    This document revealed the information about financial relations between "opposition" and Georgian authorities. In fact huge sums of money were appropriated for the "oppositional" projects of Okruashvili, Alasania and the rest of the dummy opponents of Saakashvili’s regime. Is there any need to mention that all of the money was taken from Georgia’s budget? Moreover the political behavior of those dummies was specified and they have a price list, where every "political action" has a price. Also the document tells about sums which were appropriated for the counteractions against the group of politicians who are not willing to cooperate with the regime – Noghaideli, Burjanadze and some others.
    What a foul play, don’t you think?

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