Political Observers: Gov Palins Remarks About Crony Capitalism Were Aimed At Perry

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    When Fox News looked at all voters, they found very little support for a possible Palin presidential campaign. Palin will be stumping in Iowa, which holds the first caucus, and New Hampshire, home of the first presidential primary, over the Labor Day holiday weekend.

    Only 20 percent of all voters wanted Palin to run for the White House while 74 percent opposed the idea -- and the voters who wanted her staying out of the contest included a large part of her base.

    A mere 25 percent of Republicans backed a Palin presidential candidacy while 71 percent were lined up against it. Even among voters who considered themselves part of the tea party movement, Palin flopped. Only 28 percent of the tea party voters supported Palin entering the race while 66 percent opposed it.

    She did even worse among independents and Democrats. Twenty-one percent of independents wanted Palin to run while 66 percent did not want her in the race. Palin floundered with Democrats, with only 16 percent wanting her to run while 80 percent wanted her to stay on the sidelines.

    The poll of 911 registered voters was taken from Aug. 29-31 and had a margin of error of +/- 3 percent.


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