Political brainwashing, R U a victim?

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    Brainwashing is nothing more than one individuals attempt to control another individual's rationalization process through a subliminal approach...

    Groupthink, brainwashing, and politics: eek! | Articles by Stever Robbins, host of the Get-it-Done Guy

    Irving Janis...

    Groupthink - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    What is Groupthink

    ...pioneered this concept way back in the 70's, though people in general & especially politicians were known to be well aware of this tactic dating clear back to the Egyptian empire.
    Do you believe that most of the American constituency of today formulates their opinions on individual rationalization of the topic at hand, or depend on their groups feedback to form their opinion on a topic?
    This post is generated by my observation that the previous so called anti war liberals are now more hawkish globally today under a Democrat presidency, than the Republicans were under the last Republican president. Worse, the former so called anti deficit/tax republicans seem to exclude this ideology when the military/industrial complex is brought into question.
    Clearly this can only mean that there is manipulation of these two groups going on behind the scenes that is targeted at BOTH sides of the red/blue constituency. Being that I am an 'outsider' not involved with the so called red vs blue war, I have a unique & unbiased perspective of the situation that the hapless Republican & Democrat constituency find themselves in.
    My question to you is this, at what percentage would you say that your political ideology is formulated upon individual rationalization vs. the pressure of 'conformity' due to group dynamics?

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