Political affiliation of 20th century assassins

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    It seems that political assassins of the 20th century were either crazy or they were left wing marxists. Leon Cgolgosz opened the bloody 20th century with a bang when he killed President McKinley at point blank range on 8/31/01. He is described as a left wing anarchist. John Schrank shot Teddy Roosevelt on 10/14/12 but Teddy survived. Schrank spent the rest of his life raving in a lunatic asylum. A group of Marxist Puerto Rican liberation fanatics tried to kill Harry Truman on 11/1/50. Traitor turncoat Lee Oswald who had renounced his US citizenship killed President Kennedy November 1963. Palistinian left wing jihadist Sirhan Sirhan killed Bobby Kennedy on 6/5/68. It should be noted that he is still in prison. 5/15/72 left wing activist Arthur Bremer shot and paralized Gov George Wallace a noted segregationist. Bremer had no source of income and yet was traced following Wallace all over the Country. He was released from prison in 2007 after serving 35 of a 58 year sentence. Manson soldier Lynette "Squeeky" Fromme tried to kill President Jerry Ford on 9/5/75. Her political affiliation leans left. A week or so later on 9/22/75 Sara Jane Moore fired a shot at President Ford. When released from prison 32 years later at age 77 in 2007 she said she was blinded by her radical left wing beliefs. John Hinkley's political motivation remains a mystery thanks to the non-interest by the left wing press but he was found not guilty by means of insanity for shooting President Reagan.

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