Police: Child Eats Mother's LSD-Laced Candy

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    WEST BEND, Wis. -- A West Bend mother faces charges including child abuse after police said her 2-year-old daughter ate LSD-laced candy that her mother left out.

    According to the criminal complaint, 23-year-old Donielle Maki bought 10 hits of LSD on Tuesday that came in the form of Sweet Tarts.

    It says Maki took the LSD home with her, put her daughter to bed and passed out on the couch.

    The complaint said when Maki woke up the next morning, her daughter was holding one of the LSD-laced Sweet Tarts in her hand and said, "I like these, Mommy."

    That's when Maki grabbed them from the toddler's hand, the complaint says, and saw that only eight of the 10 candies were left.

    The West Bend Police Department was called in when the 2-year-old was admitted to St. Joseph's Hospital to be treated for accidental ingestion of LSD.

    The criminal complaint says she was transferred to Children's Hospital, where she received intravenous detoxification.

    Maki faces charges including child abuse, possession with intent to deliver LSD and possession of narcotic drugs.

    She's scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 22.

    The child has been released from the hospital and is with her father, 12 News reported.


    That bitch should be charged with a lot more then she did. How could someone do something like that.

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