Please stop missleading people Mr President.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Charles_Main, Feb 20, 2009.

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    Will the President, and his spokes people continue to play Partisan games, and try convince Americans that Obama has been bi-Partisan while Republicans have not.

    Obama needs to read the Definition of Partisan, and non partisan.

    He thinks just showing up for photo ops with Republicans qualifies as being bi-partisan.

    again today he had Gibbs telling the Press how Obama has "bent over backwards" to bring Bi-Partisan Support for this bill. Yet anyone who has eyes can see that is not the case. Obama played lip service to it, and showed up for Photo ops, but that is not Bi Partisanship.

    To be bipartisan you have to make compromises, and actually listen to the other side. Not just show up for Photo ops.

    To try and describe the Way Democrats have been since they won, as bi partisan, is like saying a desert is wet.

    I am not saying Republicans are any better, but at least they are not having GIBBS go on TV everyday and LIE to us all about what is going on in DC.

    Today GIbbs said when asked about the Republicans not supporting the Bill that "old Habits die hard"

    He was of course implying the Republican Habit of being partisan was not dying fast enough. When in fact all the Republicans are doing is standing up for what they and their constituents believe in.

    Since when is standing up for what you and your constituents believe in being unreasonably partisan?

    Seems Obama and the Dems think the only way Bi Partisanship can be achieved in DC is for the Republicans to abandon their beliefs and do as they are told.
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