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    As I mentioned to lilcountriegal - I belong to Hugs to Kuwait forum! One member has asked for some help in welcoming home 2 of our Soldiers!!! the 2 women are from Minnesota and are coming home for only a short break before heading back to Iraq! This is Christmas time guys! and both of the ladies are married and have children - I am sure the thoughts of seeing their children for Christmas will have them wonder if they will have another Christmas with them!!!! I am heading out to buy my cards, just thought some of you might be interested. lil - I know you said once you wanted to help!!!! Here's the email that was sent and you can email Kim, here email is in the letter, and she will send you the address to send the cards. Thanks!!!!!

    Would you like to help welcome 2 soldier friends of mine home coming home from Iraq?

    Right now I'm working on trying to get as many postcards as
    possible to welcome home to MN, Kristian & Sara White.
    They will only be back for two weeks. They are a married couple currently serving
    in Iraq (they serve in different areas) They both get to come home 12-20 &
    back for Iraq 1-3.
    I am trying to get a mailbag full of postcards from all over that
    simply say "Welcome Home" & whatever else you would care to write.
    Things have been very difficult for them. I can not go into
    details, but if I could, I would be better able to communicate the
    > need.
    Let me just say, they both REALLY NEED SUPPORT! It would be a
    wonderful surprise for them. They are not excepting anything.
    I will take pictures of them receiving the cards and email them
    who ever would like to see. I would appreciate everyone helping me
    try to spread the word about this little project....gosh, I would
    just love it if there were a ton of cards! But no matter how many,
    they will both greatly appreciate the support.

    I understand if you are too busy. This is a crazy time of the
    and I'm not trying to burden anyone. Here is my email address:
    I will email you back with the snail mail address of where to send the cards

    PS. Thank you so much to those of you who are already assisting
    this support!
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    I have email Kim and am hoping to get the address soon, if I don't receive it soon, please send it to me.:)

    Come on guys, this is Christmas !
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    Well, Eric, I am glad to see another person that would do something nice for these two! I also have to remember, I found a site for lilcountriegal, they gave actual addresses to soldiers - to send to them that will deliver anything that you send them.

    It is Christmas time, and we are able to be home with our loved ones, some of the Soldiers get to have Christmas in Iraq - I think a couple dollars and a couple minutes of someone's time to send them a little thank you, or a Merry Christmas, happy holiday, something to know they are cared about, isn't much to ask.

    I am sure Kim will email you that information - she was pretty prompt with me, but if she doesn't, let me know and I will send you the address.

    The link to the other site to send things is:

    Any Soldier

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