Photo Of Religion Of Peace Torturing Ambassador To Death

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    Maybe Obama was deliberately kept out of the loop for plausable deniability purposes during the campaign. That leaves the rest of his administration, especially the officers, Holder, Panetta, Clapper open to charges of corruption, and failure to discharge the duties and responsibilities of their offices. I'm sure they are more than willing to take the fall the "Big Guy', their Chicago Jesus, anyway in the first place. This guy Clapper should go to jail for bald faced lying to the people during Congressional testimony, anyway. In the Nixon era, people would marvel at the stoicism of G Gordon Lyddy for his reported ability to extinguish a lit cigarrette in the palm of his hand without so much as a quiver in a single muscle of his face or body. How Clapper managed to not fall on the floor convulsing and shrieking with laughter at the magnitude of his lie during his testimony that the Muslim Brotherhood was mostly a secular movement immediately after he said it, is beyond me. Why the members of the press didn't fall rolling on the floor convulsed by gales of laughter upon hearing it is another good question. Maybe its the personally signed dildo formed in the replica of Obama's male appendage they keep permanently sequestered in their person at all times that does the trick. Well anyway, enjoy the picture at the link of what Obama has wrought. Powerlineblog has an additional pic of the ambassador in its archives, post sodomizing, with his belt unbuckled and his pants on backwards.

    Israel Matzav: Shocking photo of Ambassador Chris Stevens being tortured
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