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    We need a new phone. Landline. We currently have an AT&T POS. The base phone hasn't held a charge in . . . who knows how long. It started getting funky a few years ago. We replaced the batteries about a year ago and figured that would fix the problem of the phone going dead after talking on it for 5 minutes. Batteries no longer sold in stores, bought 2 online. With shipping they cost about $30. That was about a year ago and the upstairs phone is doing the same thing. Dies after 5 minutes of use. So, time to buy new phones.

    I've researched and looked and . . . . there's too may choices. Panasonic and Uniden seem to get the best ratings but there are too many models. How to choose? What do you use? How do you like it?

    We're looking for a base and two handsets. The base can have an answering machine or not, doesn't matter. If it took AAA batteries in the handset that's a plus in my book. We're not much in the way of phone talkers; just want something that works well and works for a long time. Oh, looking to spend $100 or (preferably) less.

    Thanks for any input.

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