Philly D.A. Krasner calls Joe Biden 'dumbest guy' at Penn event!!! And he's a DemonRAT!

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    Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner took aim at Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden earlier this week during an event at the University of Pennsylvania.

    The progressive DA, speaking at an event hosted by Penn Democrats, talked about the 2020 election and suggested Biden was an example of the party's failed moderate strategy, according to The Daily Pennsylvanian.

    “This, in my mind, is the recipe for how Democrats have lost and lost and lost and lost,” Krasner reportedly said, urging the party to take a harder turn left to attract new voters.

    Krasner specifically questioned the intelligence of Biden, who has close ties to the Ivy League school and established the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C., a few years ago.

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    He says Joe isn’t far enough left that article ...
    If they go any farther left they will HAVE to change the name of the party officially to Communist Party, just for truth in advertising!!

    This guy is a Black Lives Matter supporter who admitted he was too radical to win until George Soros came along and gave him $1.7 million for his campaign....Proving that Mike Doomberg could actually win the 2020 presidential race by perhaps spending $10 BILLION DOLLARS on it (latest figures show Mike has $59 Billion so at 78 he has nothing better to do with his money!).maybe send all registered voters $50 in the mail with a promise of another $50 coming IF HE IS VOTED IN!!!!...Who could stop him?
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    Urging the democrats to go all in on socialism. Love it.
    Hope that they take his advice and put Warren or Bernie up.

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