PETA Vows Hell for Hillary

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    SEN. Hillary Clinton's trouble with PETA isn't going away. The kerfuffle over her new sheared mink coat that her staff is trying to pass off as velvet has spurred PETA President Ingrid Newkirk to tell the horrific tale of "Mr. Velvet," a red fox who lost a leg to a steel trap. "His eyes were wide as saucers as his tongue pounded the air with each labored breath," Newkirk wrote of her furry friend before he was released from the trap, which "took all my strength to open and release the crushed white bones of his paw." She also claims that Clinton's cover-up of her cover-up is disappointing and wants the truth. "I live in the hope that Americans will continue to demand honesty from their politicians, as well as empathy and kindness." A rep for Clinton reiterated the party line: "The only thing we've said about this is what we say again: The senator has owned a mink coat for over 25 years. Because it was worn, she traded it in."

    Link or should I say mink

    Traded it in because it was worn, yeah right. This is funny.
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    haha, what a joke! Now you really think that a CLINTON could LIE????

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