PETA kills... even more than Michael Vick!

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    PETA kills the pets they purport to save
    The so-called animal-rights group can be called nothing but hypocritical.

    BY The Daily Gamecock
    PUBLISHED: 04/01/2009

    Michael Vick could learn a thing or two from PETA.

    Last year alone, PETA euthanized 2,124 stray pets in its care, according to Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services reports. Even worse, they only managed to find homes for seven. According to the Center for Consumer Freedom, they allegedly killed 95 percent of the pets in their care.

    Ninety-five percent? Vick only killed 50 percent of the animals in his care.

    The fact that such a fanatical animal rights group as PETA kills that many animals is appalling. How can a group so dedicated to animal rights, so hell-bent on ridding the world of every fur jacket, run a slaughterhouse?

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