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    On my own 200 acres of the Frozen North
    For months moonbats were allowed to run wild at Zuccotti Park, doing whatever they pleased, up to and including defecating on police cars. But life isn’t as easy for countermoonbats, who being lawful request permits — and are denied by the leftists in charge:

    A patriotic rock bank describing themselves as pro-Capitalism and anti-Occupy say they were denied permission to perform this week at Zuccotti Park, the site where the anti-Wall Street protesters are holed up.

    “We wanted to get a legal properly permitted concert together to say thank you to the hard working men and women on Wall Street and also to say thank for all that the New York Police Department and the Fire Department of New York had to put up with for the last couple months with these Occupy guys” said Dave Bray, the lead singer of the band, Madison Rising.

    “We want to say thank you but we can’t even do it legally with the proper permit. But anybody who wants to bash America, it seems like they can stop on down to Zucotti and poop all over cop cars,” said Bray, speaking [Sunday] in a radio interview.

    Meanwhile, as Madison Rising was denied,

    That same day alternative rock band Third Eye Blind visited the park where they reportedly belted out songs in support of Occupy Wall Street.

    The band is called Madison Rising. Check them out.

    Walking Through That Door by Madison Rising - YouTube

    Honk If You Want Peace By Madison Rising (#OWS Edition) - YouTube

    Madison Rising: Lyrics
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    Probably afraid the OW's will start a riot if anyone with a counter opinion comes to excercise their right to free speech. As you have pointed out, the OW's haven't been respectful of the law.

    We have been breaking down the tent city's where I live. They didn't like it but too F***ing bad. A OW woman was assulted and the organizers tried to hush it up. City Said enough and down it came. I don't understand what took so long for the city to respond. Sure they have the right to free speech, but you don't have the right to pitch a tent where ever you want. If I took my Family to down town and set up for a camping trip, the cops tell me it's illegal and would give me the boot. Why should the OW's get a free pass after some of the disrespectful things they have done?

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