People Who Can't Be Fired! They Quit!

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    The Messianic Message of "Change You Can Believe In," appears to be finally taking hold. When not just in doubt, but lots of it: Quit! What better way can be found to test the faith!

    more-workers-start-to-quit: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

    The apparent real expense of all this may actually be youth job-seekers. Drop-outs generally have a 33% jobless rate, and black recent college graduates have a 15% unemployment rate.

    The schools, employing uncaring, unqualified personnel, who don't like the students: Are still intact, anyone notices. The status and system of being called a teacher, without a doctorate, is still intact, still anyone notices: And in this economy! The paying of such people is still apparently intact, if diminishing: And in this economy. The children still get the unqualified instead, if in fact in the larger classes. The teachers refuse to allow the arithmetic. And so the outcome happens.

    Everyone else, who is also a product of the wonderful schools, is apparently deluded by the whole thing, after all! In "Change You Can Believe In," There is Faith. Not immediately shown is whether or not there is a job, is all

    So anyone adds to walking away from the underwater mortgage--created by the teachers in the schools--anyone adds the walking away from gainful employment: And still likely filing an unemployment insurance claim, with zero chance of eligibility.

    This is in fact an Obama Administration, and change is Under Wear(?)!

    Anyone can hope.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!
    (And still in The Colonies the New Math even of Schedule M: Cannot be discussed in the schools, at all--Going on 35 years!)

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