Pelosi’s ideology

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    Whenever Nancy Pelosi and her kind speak for women:

    they are only speaking for feminazis.

    Pelosi added:

    Nancy got that part right. It is about ideology. Stop funding contraception with tax dollars and tax dollar funded abortions could be the next thing to go.

    Since Pelosi brought up ideology let’s examine hers.

    There were no women in the Nazi hierarchy, nor was there a woman running a Nazi bureaucracy, and as far as I know there were no women judges in Nazi courts. Compare that to the feminazis throughout the federal government when you consider the death tolls.

    Nazi Germany murdered approximately 6-1/2 million human beings. Since American women acquired power through collectivist ideology the death toll for infanticide is approximately 50 million and rising every year; at least 300,000 abortions a year done by Planned Parenthood under the guise of providing female health services. That is not counting the deaths and cruelty that will be caused directly by socialized medicine after Hillarycare II is fully operational.

    Finally, when soldiers were asked during WWII why they went to war they answered “For Mom & Apple Pie.” That is where the phrase originated. Unless Pelosi is careful when soldiers go to war for worldwide socialism they will answer the question: “For mom and murder.”

    Oh yeah! Nancy Pelosi’s ideology is something the country should be proud of.

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