Pelosi Steering Funds for Husband’s Benefit

Discussion in 'Politics' started by red states rule, May 8, 2007.

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    Well, so much for San Fran Nan "draining the swamp"

    Diane Finsteine get caught appproving government contracts for her husbands companies, the Dems load their surrender bill with prok bribs to get votes, now this

    Funny how the liberal media ignores these stories - or is it?

    After all, he the liberal media, only Republicans can be corrupt

    Republicans criticize Pelosi over water development bill

    WASHINGTON Republicans are accusing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of including a provision in a water redevelopment bill that could benefit property her husband owns in San Francisco.

    Aides to the San Francisco Democrat denied any connection, noting that the waterfront improvements were requested by the Port of San Francisco and the four rental properties in question are at least a mile away.

    Republicans raised the issue more than two weeks after the bill passed the House.

    Pelosi's measure would authorize 25 (m) million dollars to improve San Francisco port areas, and also would put some areas off limits to navigation so cruise ships could dock.

    Her investor husband gets rental income from four buildings in a nearby commercial district.

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