Peace Corps-cum-Missionary Society

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    “Righteous Fists of Harmony” refers to the members of the Righteous Harmony Society (1898 - 1901) in China. There’s plenty available on the Boxer Uprising if anyone is interested. Briefly, the Boxers were killing foreigners; mostly Christian missionaries. President McKinley sent troops to stop the killing.

    If anything, America’s Peace Corps is a tax dollar funded missionary society. One major difference between Christian missionary societies and the Peace Corps is abortion. It’s the difference between saving life and taking life. Early Christian missionaries did much to prevent unwanted girl babies from being killed; whereas, the Peace Corps is a creature of government whose philosophy is population control by any means.

    The evolution of baby-killing in China exposes the Peace Corps’ hidden agenda. In China, infanticide went from individuals killing infant females to institutional slaughter of both sexes under communism. Christian Missionary societies tried to stop the killing. In today’s world the Peace Corps is a missionary society that represents institutional killing.

    The Peace Corps and abortion:

    Nobody can convince me the Peace Corps should be funded by American taxpayers. In fact, the Peace Corps should be shutdown —— not only because of the way it is funded, but because of the freaks who are drawn to volunteer. One of the sickest images of the Peace Corps is the one that says Peace Corps VOLUNTEERS are loyal Americans serving their country. They sure as hell are not serving me or the majority of Americans who oppose abortion. The only thing they serve is a brutal global agenda that includes abortion, population control, sterilization, and eugenics. The joke is: Service in the Peace Corps is the best résumé sweetener parasites can possibly have when they apply for a permanent spot at the public trough.

    NOTE: Compulsory killing and compulsory charity are evil twins. Both are paid for with tax dollars; both are forced on the American people by their own government.

    The moral high ground

    Admittedly, I do not know how most Muslims feel about population controls and abortion. My instinct tells me that most Muslims oppose abortion. I do know this: If the majority of Muslims oppose abortion the scum in our government is handing Islam the moral high ground.

    My instincts also tell me the Muslim Brotherhood supports infanticide. Hussein & Company would not have given the Brotherhood two countries if those Muslims opposed infanticide.

    Flock’s condoms

    Americans rightly oppose paying for Sandra Flock’s condoms, while they seem unaware they are paying for much worse in the Peace Corps.

    Flock’s condoms are a mere pittance compared to this:

    Obama reverses abortion-funding policy
    January 23, 2009

    Obama reverses abortion-funding policy - CNN

    Does anyone doubt the Peace Corps’ involvement in International family planning clinics?

    Finally, abortion advocate Hillary Clinton should write a sequel to her novel It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us. The sequel should be about abortion and titled: It Takes a Village to Slaughter Children.
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