Palestinians outraged over ICC report into war crimes

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    Palestinian officials expressed “great concern” Thursday over a report by the International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor that includes a warning that Palestinian stipends to attackers and their families could constitute a war crime.

    Palestinian Foreign Affairs Minister Riad Malki said the prosecutor’s office’s report was “based on misleading narratives of a political nature ... rather than an objective and accurate description of the relevant facts.”

    The Palestinians have long sought redress with international bodies such as the ICC for what they consider Israeli crimes. President Mahmoud Abbas's government appeared to have been caught off guard by the language of the criticism found in the report.

    Palestinians outraged over ICC report into war crimes

    Clearly, terrorist attacks against Jews is a core value of the Palestinians. Netherlands recently ended aid directly to the PA in protest to their pay to slay program. The EU, on the other hand, seems to think think there is nothing wrong with incentivized the murder of Jews.
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