Palestinian youths reject policy of security screening in the W. Bank

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    RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- A group of Palestinian youths in the West Bank launched Thursday a new page on the facebook calling on Palestinian youths to reject the PA security forces policy of “security screening” as a condition to apply for government employment.

    The youths also called on the PA leadership and its militia to stop such an abhorred policy, stressing that their campaign was supported by human rights organizations in the region that also confirmed the illegality of the policy. They said that their campaign was attracting more supporters and that the coming days would witness a number of popular activities in this regard.

    Meanwhile, the League of Muslim Youth in the West Bank called on the PA militia to release 480 Palestinian political detainees in their jails across the West Bank, explaining that 80 of the detainees were prosecuted before military courts and received oppressive jails sentences despite being civilians.

    They also pointed out that the remaining 400 detainees weren’t brought to any court and that they are still languishing in the PA jails, adding that 50 detainees obtained release orders from courts but the courts' orders were ignored by the Fatah militia.

    Palestinian youths reject policy of security screening in the W. Bank

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