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Discussion in 'Israel and Palestine' started by Sayeed, Nov 20, 2003.

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    Sorry, dude, I really don't follow. The first link seems to go to a site but not a specific article. The second link takes me to a series of reviews and I have no idea which one is yours about an article I can't find. Could you provide some more specific links.
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    The fact that Al-Qaeda is coordinating it's terrorist attacks against Israel directly from Jordan is clear evidence that all the Arab groups are actually under one umbrella with different names simply meant to confuse the west. The following news bulletin demonstrates the degree with which the Muslim people are attacking all those who do not believe in their form of Islam.

    Mohammad did the same thing during his life as a used camel salesman.

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    the jews have been doing that for 5 thousand years.

    they work their way up through a government, by first pretending to be everyones friends.

    then the next thing you know they have destroyed the legal system and have it rigged both lawyer, jude and jurry.

    they create laws to overrun the country through rising up through the legislative branch.

    they destroy the minds of the youth and turn them against their country and their families.

    they corrupt the ecconomy by buying out all the media, and comercial sector that brings the wealth to the country.

    they work their way into the governments positions of power, and make wars through the name of the country they are in.

    then the country gets blamed for their bullshit.

    this way the other country that they declare war on, which is infested with these parasites have to either go to war and kill off all of its conservative patriots, or go bankrupt through a withdrawl of monies in that nations banks so that the country goes bankrupt.

    jews are the most evil people on the face of the planet, and if there were no jews there would be no more war period.

    they need to all be exterminated.

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