Pakistan got 25 PM during 65 years but no one PM remembered?

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    Pakistan got 25 PM during 65 years but no one PM remembered?

    I want to give my view point that Pakistan is blessed or got 25 PM – Prime Minister during the period of 65 years but when survey conduct by common people no one remembered who is current PM, but the general public give message that only those PM will be remembered who did for the nation.

    Not a single PM first sincere how to get rid of the followings problem which ever one is facing in Pakistan

    1. High inflation
    2. Un-employment
    3. High crimes rate & un-control by the LEA
    4. High Power rates & can't over come power crisis and load shedding
    5. No target killers yet hanged ( which means Pakistan is paradise for criminals )
    6. No facility for poor to get clean water, free medicine, quick justice etc
    7. Employment not given on merits or qualification but given on influences and references ( which is totally injustice )

    On return every PM who came in power take oath but works for own benefit, interest and comforts, that how I become more and more rich, famous in this world.

    The secret one common people will remembered you when you did some thing welfare for them no matter you in power, got wealth, alive or death but you will long time alive in the nation hearth.

    By doing corruption, mis-using authority and working against Islam never give to any one PM or President a single Rupee or Penny benefit but take you to HELL non-stop fight which is the right place of all who are coming in this categories

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully

    Ashfaq Sharif

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