Outstanding: Sarah Palins Endorsement Joe Miller Want Social Security Nixed

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    This is another reason to join the Tea Party Express and get on the bandwagon with Governor Sarah Palin. She chose a wise candidate and he is a decorated US Army Veteran. Joe Miller knows that SS is running out. The article is an obvious attempt to discredit Miller and paint him as reactionary which the left does to anyone who tells the truth about SS, the biggest Ponzi Scheme in America. Unfortunately, this will be used against him in the campaign.

    Alaska GOP candidate wants to nix Social Security

    The federal government "shouldn't have gotten into" Social Security and the retirement program should be "transitioned into" state-run or private programs, says Alaska's Republican Senate nominee Joe Miller....

    "Now we've got a whole generation of people that are dependent on it, plus we have others that are getting ready to enter into the Social Security payment system, and they are, they simply don't have time to transition out of it."

    Social Security was established 75 years ago as a centerpiece of President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal.

    Miller argued that Social Security should be "transitioned into a program" that is run by "states or the private entities."

    Tea Party Express spent more than $550,000 in the primary to support Miller, and announced Wednesday it will back him against Murkowski and McAdams in the general election.

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