Outing one gay Repulican a day starting Monday

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    Saturday, October 07, 2006
    I can't find this Michaels last name..But this is up on his blog. He also has THE LIST up on it....This is one hateful person....

    By: Michael |
    Mr. Speaker, I have a point of information...
    Hey, Dennis, on Monday I'll be telling everyone about the high level closeted staffer in your office.

    By: Michael |
    Starting Monday... Investigate these closeted staffers
    I am very concerned what these CLOSETED high level staffers have done. This site first reported on the danger Kirk Fordham was to gays OVER TWO YEARS AGO. Before anyone gets out the violins for poor Kirk, remember he was the money chief for US Senator Mel Martinez's campaign. You know Mel, he's the one who equaled marriage equality with living under "totalitarian rule in Cuba."

    It's not that Kirk is gay that got him in trouble. It's that he was hiding in a closet and facilitating Mark Foley's actions.

    Well, America, I want other closeted staffers questioned. I want all entities investigating this matter to look at every other closeted staffer who may have contributed to this national disgrace.

    So.... Beginning Monday, and every weekday thereafter, I will be identifying the name of a closeted senior staffer in Congress with the hopes that those investigating this matter will make sure to include them in their questioning. And I hope the press looks for them as well. It's time to rid the government of those that would harm us.

    I will also highlight a past case from the site's history. I will ask you all to join me in sending emails to the ethics committee and media about these staffers who are putting the very stability of our government.

    Some have said this is a purge of gays from the government. No my friends, this is NOT about gays. To suggest that there will be a purge of gays from the government is preposterous. Now, if you want to talk about a purge of anti-gay closet cases facilitating the hard Right's agenda... I say purge away.

    It's about the hypocrisy. The know it. We know it. They want to change the focus. As the boss himself says:


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