Our Muslim’s brothers in Bahrain are bleeding but surprise Arab WORLD, UNO silence?

Discussion in 'Middle East - General' started by sharif, Apr 30, 2011.

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    Our Muslim’s brothers in Bahrain are bleeding but surprise Arab WORLD, UNO remain silence

    I want to share with all MUSLIMS followers no matters belong to any sect.

    The people of Bahrain we are so far yet so near, Our heart feel their pains and cries we hear. Many young and old people’s lost their precious lives in order to continue protest against Saudi Arabia Aggression are consider true martyrs and their names should be engrave in golden worlds

    We must protest and condemn against tyranny being as Muslim’s and have courage to spread the truth all around the world what is happening in brother Muslim’s country in Bahrain.

    Take a bold stand against oppression to shake the tyranny grip losers and supporting bleeding Bahrain those people are real problem by the enemies of Islam.

    My question both from leaders of Arab Countries and UNO still remain silence and do not play its role, I understand one think when there is USA interest than all machinery works otherwise UNO always remain silence when USA interest harms.

    Past UNO silent best example when Iraq attack to Iran in 1980 than remain keep quiet and do not passed to imposes any sanctions on Iraq because that time fighting for USA interest but when Iraq attack Kuwait in 1990 that time UNO immediate basis passed sanctions on Iraq. On other sides USA and its allies NATO forces killed millions of innocents but tell what is the crime or fault of Iraq’s peoples. But the question is who gave permission or power to USA to killed innocents. The reason behind entering Iraq to get hold of Oil deposit and fields nothing else.

    I salute only Iran brave, fearless only a single Islamic country raised voice against Bahrain and warm Saudi Arabia to keep their forces out from Bahrain.

    Thanking You.

    Yours faithfully

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )
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    Islamic brotherhood.

    Historically speaking its about as dependable and brotherly as Christian botherhood.

    Asfaq, surely you know the history of Islam over the last 800 years.

    Why are your suprised that Arab Moslems aren't supportive of Persian Moslems.

    They've never been brothers.

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