Our Modern Thought Police

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    If this isn’t the most easily offended civilization in world history, I’m glad I missed whichever one was worse.

    Still, our modern thought police—those prigs and fussbudgets and censors and tattletales and hall monitors and snitches and meddlers and natural-born teacher’s pets—insist that “political correctness” was a brief blip on America’s cultural radar that evaporated sometime in the mid-1990s.

    As with everything else, they are wrong.

    Whereas PC was still somewhat a fringe phenom in the 1990s, it has become the very fabric of our dying civilization. It is now so pervasive and dominant that it only seems invisible. It has metastasized into the popular narrative and continues expanding with no end in sight.

    Never has so much bitterness and hostility been expended in the service of kindness and compassion. Oh, how I loathe the desiccated, humorless souls of the neo-tolerant, those whose endless capacity for getting offended has itself become offensive, who are morally outraged at the mere suggestion that they are absurdly prone to gross public displays of moral outrage. Hear them spout off about their dimly conceived and shabbily articulated notions of human rights, ones that conveniently always seem to trample on the rights of other humans.

    “I’m sorry—did I say ‘advanced’? I meant to say ‘descended.’”
    One need not try to offend them. Even if you don’t try, they’ll get offended. Even if you make a conscious effort NOT to offend them, they’ll get offended. The very air they breathe offends them. They are offended by everything except their own existence. Look at them whining and whimpering and wailing, curled in a ball at the bottom of the shower, picking at their scabs and pretending to nurse self-inflicted wounds that they never intended to heal.

    It almost makes the idea of committing hate crimes against them seem pleasurable.....

    2012: The Year in PC - Taki's Magazine

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