Our immigration system is not broken.

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    Just because 20 million people have entered this country illegally and produced millions of anchor babies and provide corporations with cheap labor and corrupt politicians with cheap votes do not mean our immigration system is broken but our government is broken and need fixing.

    Our government has allowed 20 million people to enter this country illegally or overstayed visas in the past 25 years to provide cheap labor for greedy corporations and cheap votes for corrupt politicians. (there is nothing cheap about illegal immigration) Allowed American born children of illegal aliens automatic citizenship which separate families. For these reasons the government want to put those here illegally on a path to citizenship and make it easier for more people like them, poor, to immigrate here legally. Because they allowed 20 million people to immigrate here illegally they erroneously blame it on a broken immigration system when it is a broken government that allowed this to happen. None of this point to a broken immigration system. An immigration system that allows over 500,000 to enter this country legally each year and a H-2A Visa program that allow farmers an unlimited supply of foreign migrant workers. Which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that our immigration system works and is not broken.

    A path to citizenship for the 20 million will not fix a system that is not broken but will lead to chain migration and 20 million more illegal aliens in 20 more years.

    Now the Obama administration want to give them work permits, green cards, if they don’t have a criminal background? But how can you determined that one do not have a criminal background when they all have several aliases an number of phony identifications. That is all irrelevant when we have 14 million unemployed Americans, skilled and unskilled, to want to add to the problem by giving work permits to 20 million people who are not even in the country legally and not contributing to the economy that is failing. That is proven by the $30 billion they earn here that they send back to Mexico each year going into Mexico’s economy. Which by the way, remittances from illegal aliens working here is the second largest contribution to Mexico economy. We do not need give work permits to illegal aliens when our unemployment rate is at 9.2%. and 20% for Afro-Americans.

    Obama said to day that he has deported more illegal aliens than ever before and has spent more on border security that has given Republicans what they asked for and now it’s time to let him put 20 million illegal aliens on a path to citizenship with Comprehensive Immigration Reform. President Obama, fixing illegal immigration and securing the border is not a contest between Republicans and Democrats.

    Path to legalization for 20 million illegal aliens cannot fix an immigration system that is not broken.
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    We practice catch and release.

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