Our “immigration enforcement system” is broken.

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    $18 billion is spent on enforcement a year and we still have 12 million Illegal Aliens in this country because the money is spent on the criminal element of illegal immigration. Arrests, incarcerations and deportation of convicted illegal alien criminals and not on cracking down on employers that hire cheap Illegal Alien labor. The way to fight crime it to nip it in the bud before it happens. Illegal Aliens kill 15 Americans daily and rape 8 children. This could be prevented by securing the border and cracking down on employers that hire Illegal Aliens with raids, fines and jail time and deportations. Deportation has to be part of “immigration enforcement” If it is to work.

    While the sweeps of the past commonly led to the deportation of such workers, the “silent raids,” as employers call the audits, usually result in the workers being fired, but in many cases they are not deported.
    Republican lawmakers say Mr. Obama is talking tough, but in practice is lightening up.


    We have a generous immigration system that allow more than 800,000 to immigrate here legally each year. Over a million given citizenship yearly. Our “legal immigration system” isn’t broken. Our “immigration enforcement system” is broken.
    12 million Illegal Aliens are not needed to pick lettuce. Another amnesty will only encourage mere illegal immigration and more amnesties.
    Automatic Birthright Citizenship need to be repealed because it is a nightmare for families and for tax payers.
    Obama say we are a nation of laws and as president he has the power and obligation to enforce them. But he has been weak on enforcement and is the reason “immigration enforcement” has not worked. Rounding the up and deporting them is not “who we are” or “what we are about” so the status quo broken immigration enforcement system continue. Our nation of laws do not work if they are not enforced on all law breakers. If they cannot work they will self deport and that is exactly what millions have done because there is no work for them because of the recession.
    Dream Act and stopping deportations exacerbate a “broken immigration enforcement system”

    We don’t separate families says Obama. Yes we do. When we incarcerate criminals and deport criminals we separate families. But “that’s who we are” and “what we are about.” A nation of laws.
    Mexico is perfectly capable of economically to take care of it’s own. A thriving economy with 4.5 % unemployment compared to our 7.8%. Because we have Mexico’s unemployed.
    $18 billion spent on enforcement and 12 million here illegally show our “method” of enforcement is not working and we need to go to plan B. crackdown on employers that hire illegal alien with raids, fines, jail time and deportation of those we find working illegally. Convicted criminals Illegal Aliens that are deported usually turn around and come back because they still have family here.

    The reason why enforcement and deportation has not worked is because we no longer deport those we find working illegally. We cannot enforce part of our immigration enforcement laws and ignore others because they will not work and is a waste of time and money.
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    For the third trimester of 2012 the Mexican UE rate is 5.2%.
    BUT there is an important factor to consider: Except Mexico City, there is no Unemployment Insurance in Mexico. And their definition of employed is the same as ours: worked at least one hour for pay in the reference week. Which means a large number of people have no steady job, but are still counted as employed based on their work in the informal sector or day labor type work. This distorts the unemployment picture.

    Unfortunately, El Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía is Spanish only and I'm having some trouble translating what I need (because I don't speak Spanish).

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