Our First Afrikaner-American President(?)

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    Ronald Reagan, Had A Trajectory. . .And His nickname really was, "Dutch!" George Bush was President Before Obama, and now we all are in deep Dutch. . . ."

    If in fact there was Reagan One--An economy in collapse, tax cuts and soaring deficits, expanded military procurements, a tanking stock market, and increasing subsequent unemployment; And if in fact there was a Reagan Two--an economy headed toward Recession, tax cuts and soaring deficits, a tanking stock market, and expanded military procurements: Then Who is to say that Reagan Three is any different? The tanking stock market, was followed by soaring tax cuts and mega-deficits, (and all at once): With on-going and expandable military procurements, and increasing subsequent unemployment.

    Vice President Biden, with the Ph.d. spouse: Couldn't see it coming. President George Bush could see it coming, but couldn't see how to fix it. Even Dad had a problem with the "Vision-Thing." (The lad was mainly accused of doing drugs.) The stock market has tanked. There are soaring federal deficits. Black teenage unemployment is right where it was with Bush I--50% unemployment for Black teen males, 40.6% unemployment for Black teen females.

    Obama the candidate famously alluded to his own vision as a kind of "Reagan Trajectory." There was to be an entrepreneurial spirit re-kindled. Myopically, (Joe Biden is a Myopic) it should be recalled: If it had been rekindled, then it clearly hadn't been working too well, even then, and then. . . .And then it isn't working too well even now(?).

    It is famously noted that clearly Barack Obama is not even running for the title of "First African-American President" of the United States. The Household is in the mega-bucks wealth range, the kids go to Sidwell Friends, (of that sect so White, it believes in the Inner Light--which is colored, not-even), there is some nature of credibility assigned to a credential from the Ivy League schools. They mainly hire people, and in the West Wing, who are not very much different from the Ivy League.

    Neither South Chicago, nor Detroit, is this Administration about--nor apparently for! Bill Clinton finally took an office in Harlem--Near to His Charles Rangel, to thee! So far anyone only needs to hear about "The Shine-On City on the Hill," from the Obama Administration.

    So at least someone should nominate Bush--for the title apparent? Someone apparently has to make peace: At least with Rev. Jeremiah Wright! Just look at what is happening! Los Angeles even found a Black Guy where the glove actually fit!

    Just what kind of Presidency is that all about!?

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Fox Sunday News brought this up first(?)! One panelist suggested that the nation is frustrated that its allegedly super-educated have no clue--and are doing Ronald Reagan all over again, and again, and again, and again, and again, (if actually the. . . .(female commentator), didn't precisely so-state)!)

    It is, however, now: Working just like it always has!
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