Our Cabinet Minister, PM & President need more security

Discussion in 'Politics' started by sharif, Nov 29, 2011.

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    Our Cabinet Minister, PM & President need more security
    I do not understand my our leaders, Ministers including PM and President need more security when move from one place to another, long queue of security forces plus block the road even those who are walking are force to stop as same way all vehicle are stop.

    I understand keeping security for one reasons

    1. Due to fear of terrorists attack & get warnings
    2. Proof they are VVIP persons that reasons too lengthy queue of security official

    It is better for our PM, President or Cabinet Minister if they want official to visit any CITY from Airport base use Helicopter services and reach the desire destination with lesser time, less security personal involved and no reasons to block the traffic only for VVIP movement. Most of time it observe that entire police and ranger force are deputed for the VVIP security.

    All expense used on security of all these VVIP is taken from national wealth. If reduce the expenses than saving amount perhaps used for any development or welfare project which will be benefited for all common people without any difference due to any race or culture or area.

    I must say in last even in dream our leaders can’t reach the standard of Iranian President Simplicity of life and how loyal to own country people. When we compare our leaders are total opposite side most corrupt and dis-honest, only think for own interest.

    My advice to all human beings if any want to remember him after his death the only way to do some sincere social works such as HOSPITAL or SCHOOL or CLINIICS or Helping needy students ( to complete his higher education ) or community centre or HELPING – supporting the needy people. Otherwise if you are billionaire than no assurance that people remember or respect you as when you are alive?

    When we our Pakistani female copy Indian actress dresses and later feel proud than why Our politician remain behind or feel shame to copy the simplicity of Iranian President. Due to his simplicity he is not famous in Iran but entire World including WEST countries accept and admit it.

    Our leaders habit to make foolish by making several promises ( such as low down inflation, reduce un-employment, opening of new job opportunities, reduce the power traffic, control the crimes etc etc ) most of them never materialized. But can’t skip or stop by making false promises to keep vote bank in his favor for next election? This type of politics is very common in Pakistan is called cheating and mis-leading to own country people.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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