Osama and Sports

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    Everybody must be aware of cricket game. Year 2011 cricket world cup was won by India. There is Indian premier league or IPL (20/20 cricket) which is highest paid or most lucrative sports tournament in India. IPL is small brother of English premier league football.

    IPL has 40 million viewers in India.

    But when Osama was killed by USA Army, IPL viewership dropped to 20 million viewers or it fell by 50%.

    This proves that people was addicted to sports in the absence of major world events. When there is major world event, people forget sports.

    India was playing cricket world cup final on 1 April 2011. That same day a media report appeared which said "Obama: Dollar just an Illusion - The US currency was actually not worth anything"

    Source: mmnews.de/index.php/english-news/

    Later people said it was April fool joke.

    Since India won the 2011 cricket world cup, there have been problems in India. Read Indian media websites. So my understanding says that cricket world cup is bad omen or bad luck for India.

    Since April 01, 2011 many serious financial statements have appeared in world media. India winning the world cup is bad omen or bad luck for whole world.

    Australia won cricket world cup 3 times in a row or Australia had the world cup for 12 years in a row. So Australia is the true owners of cricket world cup.

    It is said that there is black money involved in IPL. Bollywood or Indian movie stars are heavily involved in IPL.

    Everybody in India knows bollywood is involved with Indian mafia or underworld. Criminals fund many movies in India.

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