Orwell like Merkel's Madhouse is leading worldwide in Twitter censure

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    Look what happens when liberals seize totally control in a former free country:Any free speech is prohibited, punished by law ( $5m fine + 5 years in prison) or by Antifa ( financed by government leftists terrorist gangs who rape, kill, robe and beat completely unpunished )Therefore liberals at first prohibit free possession of guns in any conquered country.Folks must be defenseless against liberal ( democratic, leftist ) experiments.

    Withheld around the world
    The country with the most withheld accounts in the data set is Germany with 758, followed by with Turkey with 721, and France with 261. BuzzFeed News also identified 78 accounts withheld in Russia, 11 in India, 4 in the United Kingdom, and 2 in Brazil.

    An Inside Look At The Accounts Twitter Has Censored In Countries Around The World

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