Orlando Inventor Captures Train Wreck On Film

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    The occupants of this car got out just before it was struck by a cargo train in Orlando early Sunday.
    After the crash, the driver and passengers got back in and moved the car to a nearby parking garage,
    according to police. (Courtesy: Aaron Fechter)

    In the early morning hours, two men in Orlando narrowly escaped death after their car became stuck on a set of railroad tracks in Downtown Orlando, Florida. Both men managed to get out of the car safely before the freight train struck the vehicle.

    As the freight train whistle blasted in the distance, Aaron Fechter recognized the familiar sound of car wheels stuck on the railroad track. Mr. Fechter, an Orlando inventor, lives in the vicinity and told reporters he has seen some six vehicles destroyed on that track over the past 20 years.

    While the passengers of the car and a number of bystanders attempted to push the Honda Accord off the tracks, Mr. Fechter captured the entire scene on video. Fechter, who has been labeled by his fans as a genius and visionary, noted that the stretch of track was confusing to drivers and reported that he believed it was the cause of these accidents. Because he captured the entire accident on video, authorities may be able to determine whether or not the tracks need to be redesigned to help direct cars entering that stretch of road.

    The Orlando inventor said he noted that the crossing is confusing and that travelers who were intending to drive down a road nearby end up making that wrong turn directly over the train track where they become trapped.

    The Florida Department of Motor Safety is now examining whether the design of the crossing (which has been the scene of so many accidents), can be improved. It's worth doing whatever it takes considering the danger it has posed to over half a dozen motorists thus far.

    Aaron Fechter is known for his invention of Whack-a-Mole, Rock-afire Explosion Band and numerous other inventions. He is the former owner of Show biz Pizza which offered a huge arcade for children providing many activities and games, including Whack-a Mole. His animatronic puppet band has become the stuff legends are made of. It was the first of its kind, offering a live show for children who dined while being entertained by the Rock-afire Explosion Band. Mr. Fechter said he was in the process of creating and launching a news reporting skit idea called "Billy Bob's News Blast," when the train wreck happened.

    Ironically, their first official news story is about this Orlando train wreck captured on film! This is their first News Blast report and you can see the train wreck as it happened. Thankfully, no one was injured!

    The original train wreck video on Today show. com has been reported to have been viewed over 1,000,000 times. Best wishes to Mr.Fechter and his Rock-afire Explosion in their endeavor to become the first animatronic News Source!

    And for the record?

    You heard it here first!

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