Oregon democrats concoct a bill that would extend fireworks season...yes it's true.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by koshergrl, Mar 23, 2019.

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    Oregon democrats have come up with a great idea...extend fireworks season. They do this as Oregon, and all the rest of the west reel from yearly conflagrations that are the result of years of mismanagement and deliberate fire-load increasing strategies of various government entities.

    Just another step in the "lock it up and let it burn" philosophy that has been embraced for the purpose of massive land grabs by the government in recent years, and beyond.

    The goal of the bill is obvious...to create more fires, and generate revenue via fining. Creating more fires justifies their existence, as many of the agencies have fire fighting capabilities..though they do not apply them to actually put out fires. Conflagrations rake in billions of dollars for the federally subsiized fire fighting industry, which includes the USFS and various state entities. Giant fires also bring in billions for the state government when a national emergency can be declared.

    Proposed bill would stiffen fireworks penalties — and reward tipsters

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