Optimism returns to NAFTA talks as U.S. reportedly makes key concession on autos

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    We will see. I hope the U.S doesn't buckle on addressing the abuses. Especially on procurement, demanding access to Canadian finance & telecom which Canada is using to protect their state operatives. Unfair supply management of dairy which makes all our dairy products excessively overpriced.

    Also, the U.S is demanding a sunset clause for which every 5 years a country can walk away from the deal. I think this is a smart idea. If its not working, why subject your economy and workers to the continued exploitation?

    Loonie and peso spike higher on word that NAFTA talks have had a breakthrough on autos

    Word of a breakthrough in the automotive component of NAFTA discussions have negotiators and stakeholders dealing with an unfamiliar feeling: optimism.

    Speaking at a Washington gathering of the American Association of Port Authorities, Canada's ambassador to the U.S., David MacNaughton, told reporters that he's feeling more positive than he's been for some time because of progress on the automotive file, and a more general thawing of the frosty tone in earlier talks.

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