Operation RedBird (TrumpUSA): Red-Leviathan (Government)

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    Imagine that an Internet-blogging self-proclaimed 'democracy-vigilante' who dresses up as Scarecrow (DC Comics) works secretly with a female Hollywood celebrity (say, an actress such as Charlize Theron) to evaluate the parameters of the modern media's impact on TrumpUSA consciousness and what it means for post-Industrialization governance.

    Scarecrow and Charlize(!) might discover that TrumpUSA is in fact a possible 'veil' for some kind of 'capitalism-ferocity' (and media circus activity) designed to infuse consumerism with 'energy-steroids.' Is that good for commerce/capitalism or is it potentially worse than Reaganomics?

    Where will 'Trumponomics' take us?



    "Scarecrow and Charlize began analysing the mighty run of the Atlanta Falcons (NFL) during Season 51, which culminated in a heart-breaking loss to the Goliath-like New England Patriots in Super Bowl 51. Scarecrow and Charlize concluded that the Falcons were like 'lambs' offered up to the 'camera-slaughter' for countless sports-media ads/endorsements for the seemingly-indomitable Patriots. Scarecrow and Charlize realize that to counter this 'media circus,' everyday Americans would have to be more 'vigilant' about commercial activity, so they code-name their special little 'crusade' Operation RedBird (and Charlize recruits fellow Hollywood actor and friend Tom Cruise to help her and Scarecrow --- since Cruise has worked on the iconic sports-media culture film Jerry Maguire)."


    "Scarecrow and Charlize postulate that this media-circus 'spin' on modern commerce and merchandising is giving rise to a 'sea-beast' of capitalism-chaos which they nickname 'Red-Leviathan.' Cruise loves the nickname and decided to make a dedicated futurama-dystopia film called Edge of Tomorrow. Will modern media create intrigue or anarchy?"


    "Scarecrow and Charlize write a letter to President Trump urging him to pay special attention to the peace-symbolic Olympic Games (winter and summer) and how sports (such as badminton and soccer) create special spotlights for economically-challenged nations (such as Indonesia and Nigeria). President Trump gifts a special badminton racket-and-birdie set to Charlize and urges her to make films 'symbolic' of modernism-oriented 'anxieties,' and Charlize is happy she's made two such films --- Aeon Flux and Celebrity."


    "Cruise tells Charlize his theory that modern capitalism is like swimming with piranhas (not sharks) and that competitive bargaining literally tears the geopolitical landscape into bite-size 'little pieces' (e.g., European Union, NATO, NASDAQ, etc.). This 'breaking up of pieces' signifies the presence of a giant 'consciousness' of commercial fragility, which is why Scarecrow and Charlize nicknamed this modern paranoia sea-beast the 'Red-Leviathan' (the term 'leviathan' refers to a sea-beast of pure chaos)."


    "Cruise decides to write a letter to President Trump about how Red-Leviathan is 'present' in the insurgent activities of the new terrorist organization ISIS and how the Black Friday Massacre of 2017 (when 300 Sufi Muslims were murdered in an Egyptian mosque) signified an awakening of a terrible geopolitical commerce-cynicism 'unrest' that goes back to 9/11. Scarecrow and Charlize believe their special little crusade (Operation RedBird) is a way to respond to commerce-highway cynicism and anti-capitalism terrorism --- since it encourages everyday Americans to write to their local politicians and urge them to take a more 'active' role in guiding the daily lives of the modern consumer."


    GOD: Operation RedBird is motivated.
    SATAN: Scarecrow and Charlize represent the modern patriot.
    GOD: Yes, and Tom Cruise has made culturally-symbolic films.
    SATAN: Access to culture-analysis is a key feature of modern media.
    GOD: It seems everyone these days is addicted to Facebook...
    SATAN: Maybe there should be a giant 'Capitalism Asylum.'
    GOD: Yes, psychiatric treatment for shopper-anxiety!
    SATAN: Why not? Shouldn't we regulate consumerism closely?
    GOD: We have to be careful not to allow governments to 'meddle.'
    SATAN: Terrorists actually 'interfere' with daily life now...
    GOD: Yes, civilian targets and public spaces are indeed targeted.
    SATAN: That's the mission of Homeland Security and the NSA.
    GOD: I hope Scarecrow, Charlize, and Cruise are wrong about Red-Leviathan.
    SATAN: I hope Wall Street doesn't become a 'swimming-hole' for piranhas.
    GOD: Maybe eco-activism will save the world (and TrumpUSA!).




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