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    Open the door, but secure and close the border. The United States is being invaded. The Federal government has and is utterly failing ti meet one of its primary duties and mandated responsibilities; to defend and protect its citizens. The compact between the Federal government, the various States, and the people has been rendered null and void by this failure and must be considered a total breach of contract. All Federal elected officials should be indicted for violation of their oath of office and tried for treason. All Federal Agencies and departments that have any connection to this travesty. I.E. the Defense dept., I.C.E., Homeland security, Border patrol, etc. should be disbanded and replaced by people who will do whatever is necessary to stop this invasion. The complete failure and unwillingness to do what is required has rendered the entire Federal government irrelevant and useless. It should be discarded on the scrap heap of history. One question for the Commandeer-in Chief. Why do we have thousands of troops stationed around the world and spend billions od dollars to protect other nations borders when we can't protect our own?

    The governors of the various affected States (that would be all of them) should declare each of their citizens to be members of the State militia and empower them to defend their borders. Each State could then ask for volunteers to man and defend the borders and stop the invasion cold. Failure to take some kind of appropriate action to protect and defend the citizens of the State would also be breaking the compact between the State and its citizens. It may be that the best approach by the 50 States is to call a constitutional convention and re-establish the duties and limits of the Federal Government (and the States) but it will have to be done quickly while we still have a country.

    We the people have an inalienable right to keep and bear arms. In spite of the government and the courts to deny this right, if all else fails, that includes the power to defend ourselves and our borders. We have the right to defend ourselves from the failures of governments. Government of the people, for the people, by the people. The country belongs to we the people, not the various governments.

    At the same time, the courts should have the balls to order the government to open thew doors to freedom. Can you put a quota on the desire to be free? We are a nation of immigrants and should welcome anyone from anywhere who desires to be free. Of course we would only be prudent to establish simple, reasonable requirements for entry. These would include identity, no criminal background, willingness to learn our language, etc. but no numerical limits. There must also be enforcement of work visas, student visas, and any other permits for temporary residence in our country. "If you are dissatisfied with your government, you have the revolutionary right to overthrow it". Abraham Lincoln, Am I advocating the overthrow of the government? Of course not. We the people are the government and its time to live up to that. I have faith in my fellow man (and my fellow citizen), but not in our government as ir currently stands. Peace, Love, and Faith. Pappadave.

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