Only $292. bil. Left In Great Socialist Stimulus Intervention!

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    Depending on who is counting, ARRA, (The Recovery Act), is publishing "current accounts" through end of July.

    Overview of Funding

    So there is still about 1/3 left to go, at $292.0 bil.

    And there is additional unemployment, extended benefits not included.

    Private sector job growth doubled in July, despite the end of the home buyers tax credit, the European Debt Crisis scare, the drop in construction and new homes sales. Retail Stores Sales increased even though the banks had cut up all the credit cards. Auto Sales increased.

    For their part, the laid-off state and local bureaucrats were unable to find work, as anyone could expect. The laid-off teachers were also doing their part, unable to find work. "Recess" is still not apparently a job-qualification, for which these people are accustomed to being paid.

    Many seem to think they need "relief" checks, after all of that(?)!" Dodgeball today(?)!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred"
    (Many who are rich, in fact, actually were paid to go to school(?), now for whatever that was worth!)

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