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    Every now and then I run across someone who initiates a pm discussion with me, then continues to pursue the discussion after being told to stop.

    Inevitably, when I tell them "it's time to stop" they respond "I'll stop when you do" as if by responding to their PMs (telling them to stop pmming me) I'm inviting their continued harassment.

    When that happens, it's time to post the definition of online harassment again. When you are pmming someone and they ask you to stop, it's time to stop. Don't argue, don't tell them what they SHOULD do, just shut the fuck up and stop bugging them. They do not have to put you on ignore, they do not have to shut down their pm box, they are not obligated to first ignore you and your obnoxious pms. You initiate it, they can respond and that doesn't mean it's "okay" to continue to pm them after they tell you to stop. If they have REPEATEDLY told you to stop, and you're still arguing with them, then you are committing online harassment.

    "Harassment usually involves repeated communications via email or some sort of instant messaging program after the harasser has clearly been told to go away."

    "However, for our purposes, WHOA defines online harassment as any actions that meet the qualifications of the above definition after the harasser has been told to cease. "

    Get it? Good. Remember it. Print it out and stick it to your computer. I don't care. But when I tell you to stop pmming me, kindly stop. Don't follow up with repeated pms about what I need to do to get you to leave me alone, fucktard.

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