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    For anyone interested in online political government sims you should come check out USGS. Since I can't post a link, just plug in United States Government Simulation into a a search engine.

    It's basically like the real deal except for an accelerated time frame. For example, right now it's the year 2017 in USGS time. Scenarios and news events are put forth by Admins and players respond to them. You usually start off as a House member and have to run in elections to get to be a Governor, Senator, or President. There are comprehensive election models that are moderated by admins in which you square off against other players. There are regional legislatures, cabinet posts, and room for news columnists as well. For those who just like debating, there you can submit legislation and participate and lobby for it as it travels through commitees and both chambers of Congress. There is really something there for everyone.

    If you like politics, you will love this simulation. Plus, you can learn alot about the nitty gritty of politics and government too!

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