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    the ever popular dollar solution rears it's ugly head ....>

    Kissinger: They’re blaming the CIA.

    Nixon: Why the hell would we assassinate him?

    Kissinger: Well, (a) we couldn’t. We’re—

    Nixon: Yeah.

    Kissinger: CIA’s too incompetent to do it. You remember—

    Nixon: Sure, but that’s the best thing. [Unclear].

    Kissinger: —when they did try to assassinate somebody, it took three attempts—

    Nixon: Yeah.

    Kissinger: —and he lived for three weeks afterwards.

    The Case Against Kissinger Deepens, Continued?By Scott Horton (Harper's Magazine)

    Now some might wonder why would this be in the conspiracy theory thread? Well, if one simply started a thread claiming the USofA engaged in such heinous acts , the obvious howls of looney-ist lefty-ism, moonbatic behaviour would obviously ensue

    Along with demands for evidence, which would be the norm , albeit although circumstantial
    evidence has individuals on death row, it doesn't work the same when our own government is accused.

    Accusing those in power always amounts to an exercise in futility, being that they are surrounded by so many willing to run interference, obsficate, or fall on thier swords for what they see simply as a patriotic agenda with a few annoying legal flaws

    Add to this the heat of the moment factor. Does anyone doubt the impact of certain relevations that our government plays dirty might amount to an out & out act of aggression if not public rioting here?

    Note i'm not including anything more than the OP, although i think we can agree there's been some doozies that, a generation later, are inoccuos 5th page news items generally dismissed as political nostagia given the average bag-o-dogends Joe's attention span condusive of, if not pursuant entirely to, our political statute of limitations here

    Our complacency with clarity in governance fuels this phenomenon, which is really where tangible democracy ends, and the CT's begin

    comments? chat enlighenment? death threats?
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    The CIA does one thing rather topples inconvenient governments.

    As a collector of good information, however (which is what it was vested to do) its history of failure is profound.

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