One Marine's Account Of Man-To-Man Combat In Afghanistan

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    by War News Updates Editor @ War News Updates: One Marine's Account Of Man-To-Man Combat In Afghanistan

    Man-To-Man Combat Still Key To Military Strength -- USA Today

    One Marine's savage battle with the enemy illustrates that victory in war often depends on the best warriors.

    A few years back, Cliff Wooldridge was on a typical path for a young man growing up in a logging town in the Pacific Northwest.

    He graduated from high school, went to a diesel-mechanic school and got a job fixing heavy machinery used to harvest timber. Except it didn't feel right.

    "On TV, all you heard about was Marines in Iraq, and I wanted to be part of it," Wooldridge says.

    In 2007, he walked into the Marine recruiter's office in Port Angeles, Wash. His request to the recruiter was simple: "I want to be the guy you see on TV kicking in doors."

    Days later, he was on his way to boot camp and into the annals of Marine Corps history.

    Read more .... Man-to-man combat still key to military strength

    My Comment: A riveting story .... read it all.

    This is but one minor reason why we honor our men and women in uniform.


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