One in 7.5 American stopped paying their Mortgage jan 2010

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    [ame=]YouTube - Millions Not Paying Their Mortgages[/ame]

    Why Because they can't modify their loans Because banks are not lending. But the American Tax Payers money was used to bail them out. Banks like goldman sachs have unlimited money they can get at anytime thanks to The tax payers but they are betting with it. Banks are not lending to the public. Yet when they came crawling to us they were bailed out now they are still getting their millions in bonuses as hard working American lose their homes and they gamble with are free money so what if they lose it its free money so what if they give big bonuses, but do not lend it to us peasants. We were suckered into believing the world would come to a end if we did not bail out the greedy banksters by ex CEO of goldman sachs, Paulson and Geithner the New Secretary of treasury for we the people of the United states, These Criminals better get Jail time as I as A American Citizen Am Outraged at these Criminals, Americans Will only take so much from these Criminals. More and more small businesses going belly up cause banks are not giving loans, and more people are laid off as small businesses fold up. WAKE UP AMERICA

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