One final question for my fellow Libertarians.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by PredFan, Nov 7, 2012.

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    In Liberal minds, rent free.
    Ok, you voted your conscience, you stuck to your values, as opposed to myself, who chose the lesser of two evils in order to stop Barack Hussein Obama from ruining the country. Now that Obama has his 2nd term and all of the frills that go with it, including at least one SCOTUS appointment, what will we do now?

    Obamacare will be the law of the land before Gary Johnson get's a chance at 2016. By that time not even Johnson will be able to do anything about it. The dollar will be so far gone by then that eliminatinmg the fed, which won't happen, won't fix it. In 4 years things can get so bad that not even President Gary Johnson will be able to make anything significant happen. The people will be addicted to their freebees, and Johnson will have to lie about his intentions if he ever thinks he'll get a chance at winning.

    So I'm just curious, are you happy now?

    (P.S. "Final question" because there is no longer any point to arguing politics.)

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