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    Once upon a time some folks from England came to this country and declared independence because they had been treated poorly in the old country. The idea caught on quickly and everyone united together under God and won a big fight for their freedom.

    At first everything was great. The people decided to call themselves the United States of America. People began to invent things making the world better, everything was going great. People were independant, they worked hard, started developing schools, businesses and free trade.

    Things were not perfect as they never are but people were united. They helped each other in time of need and the idea of free and equal justice took hold. Folks learned real fast not to steal each others horses, take what was not theirs (because if got caught in some guys yard, you got shot ), and everyone worked real hard because they knew if they didn't there was no one there to feed them. This was good for the American spirit as it continued to create successful people by the hundreds of thousands.

    Through the years the United States did well. People there invented most all of the modern inventions making life seemingly better for millions around the world. It was not long before the whole world began to model themselves after America. Even their money was used to measure all methods of barter throughout the world.

    Through history Americans weathered disasters, wars, plagues, flues and numerous other national threats against it's society. The people were United. They stood strong. Even a great big Civil War which threatened to tear the nation in half only made it stronger and better as finally all of the folks in America were thought of as equals.

    By the 1950's every American child was guarenteed an education, people were working, driving cars, building homes, churches, buildings, interstate travel system, man were things good. Life was good! Why, any guy who wanted to study hard, work hard and be honest could grow up, get married, have a family, make money, buy a house, a car, a boat, a camper and really enjoy life.

    Of course there were still challanges to this wonderful way of life, some folks were starting to get a little spoiled. They didn't want to work so out of the goodness of our hearts here in America we came up with this idea that if a hard working fellow came across some bad times he could count on his fellow Americans to take a small little piece of what they worked hard for and give it to him for a breif time so he could get back on his feet. The idea was a good one but as with all charity it got a little out of hand. People everywhere began not working hard anymore. The ones that were working and barely getting a little more than the ones who weren't decided they needed a break also. Well that it where it all started.

    By the time this idea reached the eighties there were 2 million folks standing at their mailboxes every 1st of the month waiting on their check from the US Treasury Dept so they could pay rent. This began to lay heavily on the folks that were working hard and they began to take it a little personally. Some folks considered it down right theft to not work and sit around and collect a check from those of the ones that did work.

    Then there was the great political scam of all scams, it really started in the 40's but heightened in the 70's and 80's. Elected officials figured out that the laziness problem could be capitalized upon. All a fellow had to do was act like he cared more about the lazy folks than the working, succesful types and he could get them folks to vote for him. These folks were called Democrats.

    You see it ain't populaR not to CARE!!!!! As a matter of fact it proved down right unpopular indeed. Before long anybody who wasn't sucessful for whatever reason could vote for a Democrat and get free stuff! This became popular with the political types and folks started running as Democrats like never before. There were alot of advantages to being A Democrat. Companies, Industry, Hospital systems and all types would court the Democrats so they would make laws that forced government to use their products, services and the like to give free to the lazy folks. All paid for by working, successful people who had made sacrifices, studied hard in free school, worked through college and so forth.

    Man, next thing you know it was almost a crime to be a hard working bastard in the good ol' USA. If you complained, you were anti-American. Next thing you know other groups started to notice the success ratio of the Democrats who supposedly stuck up for the disadvantaged. Women started to jump ship in the 60's but by the 90's 3 of evry 4 women in the US was a Democrat. Almost all blacks (93%), Fags (99%), and all knids of other demographic groups were voting for these Democrats. The Democratic politicians were playing it to the hilt (Hilton that is). Why these fellows was selling out their souls to be Democrats. All they had to do was say they believed it was fair for working folks to support everybody else and wham they was re-elected. It didn't take long for ideas like Affirmative Action, Welfare, Aid For Dependent Families and other give away programs to catch hold on a land where it was once thought of as a pride killer for a man to take a handout.

    Folks all over the world started to see this wonderful opportunity and came in droves to get their share of the working mans money. Taxes went up through the ceiling and it just got to be a shame. Of course every now and then a working man would take sick or something but he couldn't get no help cause he couldn't afford 800 to 1400 dollars a month for insurance after giving up 45% of what he earned to support the lazy folks. But he had to cause the Democrats were making laws faster than a fellow could keep up with that said he had to pay and pay and pay.

    All of a sudden even the laws started to change in America. Here is how that started. Lazy folks got bored sitting around their house all the time. Well they started to steal things they could sell. They also liked to take drugs to occupy their idle time. This costs money. Who's got money and things to steal, THE WORKING BASTARD. So in the 60's and into the 80's theft began to run absolutely out of sight. Crime in America tripled in 10 short years. America was having to build so many prisons they couldn't house all the criminals. Well, that was easy enough to fix, they stopped putting them in jail. Anyway the Democrats were arguing in the Senate and House of Represenatives that it was not fair to put them in jail anyway because they had grown up DISADVANTAGED!!!!!!! They couldn't help it! But the uncaring hard working bastards insisting on jailing these creeps but the idea was short lived. Why, the legal system even came up with a baseball type named program called "three strikes your out". Hardly the day of the 1850's when you got a rope if stole a hard working bastard's horse. Why hell, under this three srtikes program a drug crazed moron could rape and kill and get probation or a short jail term the first time. It was all part of being a more compassionate society. Democrats loved it. The votes were beginning to pour in! Hell, criminals from all over the world were moving here in horrid numbers. After a while these criminals cold claim they were insane when they committed these crimes and go to a vacation house for a couple of months until they felt better. Then they could get a government subsidised apartment when they got out and guess who paid for it, you got it, the hard working bastards.

    Well, pretty soon this Democrat idea really began to take it's toll on this America place. All these folks that had been coming there for 100 years and breeding were becoming a significant part of the population. Alot of them don't dig God. They also didn't see the harm in burning the American flag, having little American children NOT say their prayers in public and DID NOT want to pledge Alliegence to a country that they were not born in. Democrats sold their souls again and pretended that these issues were theirs and wa-lah, it worked, they cashed in again. Next thing you know Democrats were endorsing such ideas as two men marrying each other, taking guns from homeowners so they couldn't defend themselves against the lazy people, as a matter of fact a hard working truck driver who has never gotton in trouble in his life can not have a gun in his truck! Can you imagine that, having to go to the scary places that a driver has to go to and can't defend himself. Why hell, the lazy people figured this out fast. They started muggung them poor truck drivers at an alarming rate. Then one day one of them drivers who was breaking the law by carrying a gun got robbed by these two guys in Detroit and he shot both them fellows. Of course after he shot them he saved one of them worthless guys lives by attending to his wounds and even prayed with him while the ambulance came, he got 3 years in prison. You see, one of them guys died.

    I'm here to tell you neighbor by the year 2000 things were getting slap out of hand in America. A working fellow making over 100,000 dollars a year was just ab out a sad sight. He was keeping about 56% of it and if he wanted to save anything it was less than half to live on. Of course he had to be careful not to buy anything nice cause that would attract attention from them tax folks that are looking out for them lazy people.

    Thank God Hillary will be here to save us soon!
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    Actually, it was much more than that. With the exceptions of the Puritans, Pilgrims, and Catholics in Maryland, the colonists came over in an effort to make a bunch of money. Pennsylvania was the colony started on the premise that everyone is equal and all views should be tolerated.

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