On My First Day My Ass !

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Sirkarl101, Jan 22, 2012.

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    Can you believe what these politicians state before everyone in public on the record what they are going to do the very first day they take office. They must have some kind of presidential power where they just take the oath and state everything they want and all of the congress and senate have it transcribed pushed through for a vote signed into law and wham I kept good on my word. Obama promised all types of crap that never got done. These asses think that people are so ignorant that we believe that harmony will overthrow the political climate once a president is selected and takes office. Nothing will get done for months after a president is in office. It will be the same old D vs R. I hope to goodness the dems do not take a pledge if a Rep. wins to do nothing but obstruct and work against any policy changes proposed. These son of a bitches better start doing their job under who ever is president.

    Also, how in the hell does a president sit down with any party that states their number one goal is to kick your ass. What a way to open a conversation for compromise. I would give up to and do what I could on my own. I do not care for either party. I just want to have a job that pays enough to pay my bills, send my children to college, have health care and save for retirement. Let me see. A janitor in New York even if he is union making $21.00 hr. can not even afford that pipe dream. If you are not alone making at least $75,000.00 a year you will not get it done. How many Americans make that kind of money?.

    Education is necessary but how do our children get educated by a country like ours. Straight up I quit school at the 10th grade level. I went to Catholic grade school or else I would not have been able to score in the top 20% percentile on my G.E.D and go on to college. That is scary as hell that I can outscore 75% of graduating seniors in the public school system while only passing the 9th grade, and do well in college. We must have the lowest standards imaginable or they are just pushing our kids through the system.

    We have all the knowledge of the world and its history at our fingertips and we can not solve problems in all areas by utilizing all this knowledge available. Sounds like special interests have got a strangle hold on our nations agenda.

    Can we at least agree the system is screwed and we need to change it now, and the parties of today are not the solution. I am not stating the two party system is bad, just the people that are currently in it and have the ability to stay in it for their entire life. I can not believe we have 60 and 70 year old people talking about the issues that face the nation today especially in areas of what is moral. Damn pot smoking hippies and their rock and roll...............

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